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👉Jesse Cunningham is best known for his popular YouTube channel, where he shares actionable SEO tactics for AI SEO, local business rankings, niche websites and more with over 1.4 million viewers.

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Jesse founded and leads 712 Digital Marketing, LLC, a full-service agency that helps businesses rank higher on Google, generate more leads, and increase their revenue. Clients include large global finance companies, small local businesses interested in growing their digital footprint, and everyone in between. Click here for a free website audit by Jesse.

Jesse’s holistic approach to SEO combines digital PR, social media, and video content with time-tested traditional strategies, leading to highly efficient engagements that produce results.

For self-serve clients and solopreneurs, Jesse has created several SEO courses, each designed to focus on a different aspect of today’s digital market. These courses are ideal for niche website operators and small business owners looking to enhance their existing SEO strategy or develop their skills in the field.

Jesse also shares his techniques through podcasts, speaking appearances, and SEO summits. His mission is to help as many people as possible meet or exceed their digital marketing goals.


If you own a local business, a niche website with over 300,000 monthly visitors, or a national or global business that relies (at least partially) on online leads, then click here for a free website audit which includes a recorded video review of your website from Jesse. 

Want to Join the Community?

Jesse Cunningham, alongside Tony Hill, operates a private SEO community mastermind. If you are a seasoned SEO and are interested in joining, fill out the application here. We focus on current strategies through an on-going conversation on the forum. We also have guests join us for our weekly calls which have include SEOs such as Kyle Roof, Anne Moss, Jon Dykstra, and many more amazing marketers. There is limited slots for members and entry requires full-time income derived from digital marketing (including agency owners and niche website operators). 


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Get updates on the latest SEO tactics that are working now! Join the newsletter to stay informed.