✅Facebook is HUGE right now.

Facebook is often the first thing people check when they wake up, the last thing they check before they go to bed...but how can you make money as a creator there?

👇This page below is creating viral images (probably with MidJourney) to attract engagement.👇 

Pages like this can make $10,000++/month.

This is a page that I found on Facebook while scrolling that we will use as an example. I do not own this page and have no clue on the specific engagement metrics and/or money made on this specific page.



Creators typically use pages when using the following strategy. Pages (opposed to Facebook groups) allow for total control and they can benefit from the Facebook Performance Bonus Program. 


Each of these “ingredients” matter big-time, especially when starting out. This page shows their profile image as a branded “CD” for creative designs. I often find very successful pages have images of a human face as the profile image – maybe this is because it gives the sense that users of FB are interacting with a human which is way more personal than a brand.


Purchasing Facebook Ads expedites the process of viral engagement, allows you to pinpoint your ideal audience, and seeds your page with users.

✅FOLLOWER GOAL: 5,000-10,000 purchased followers
✅PER LIKE COST GOAL: 6cents/like (or lower)

Facebook provides immediate feedback. You can pay for ad reach/engagement and see if something is working almost instantly (definitely within a day’s time). And the trick is finding an ad set that works well….and there’s a few major ingredients to ads (see below).

👆The above ad set shows my successful campaigns and non-successful campaigns. Once a page shows it's too expensive, then I shut it down immediately - if it doesn't work immediately, it doesn't seem to work at all. Using this strategy, I was able to purchase 10,000+ followers at an average cost of 6cents per like.

👇Competitor Ad Research

Luckily for us, Facebook gives “Page transparency” for any user. It gives a variety of information, including ads that have been previously run (which is highly valuable for us). This will help guide us to what is working so we can lower our ad set cost per like.

✅ABOUT -> PAGE TRANSPARENCY -> SEE ALL -> GO TO AD LIBRARY(sometimes there will be no ads available to view but this page does still have their previous ads available for us to learn from). 

Note that this page was rebranded in January 2024 (presumably to start using these new Facebook monetization strategies)

👇Now we have access to view the previous ad sets. There were only two on this page. It seems that their time active was minimal as well (see Feb 9, 2024 – Feb 12, 2024) – so we should question the viability of the ads. If I see ads that are active and have been running for a long time, then I usually assume they are great ads and something we can learn from. 

👇Clicking further into “see ad details” – we are shown one rendering of the ad set. Keep in mind that there are multiple renderings of ads because Facebook shows them across different areas of their platform.

✅AD INGREDIENTS: Page title, description, image, page title (AGAIN), and usually the “intro” (although it’s not rendering on this ad). 

***Don’t sleep on the “intro” portion of your ads – this is customizable and ads a flavor of purpose to your ad naturally. 

👇Audience Selection for ADs

Selecting the correct user base for your page is important for long-term success. Facebook gives us many options for demographics, including age, sex, location and interests. If possible, I take advantage of each of these variables to lower ad spend and focus my audience for higher chances of virality in the future.

✅MINIMAL VARIABLES: Don’t be afraid to try different images, demographics, etc – but realize the more variance you test, the harder it is to understand what is working and what is not working.

I typically keep the description of the ad the same as well as the demographic for the audience – then I change the image asset to find what resonates with the audience. 


There’s two primary paths you can take in order to earn revenue using Facebook.

✅FACEBOOK PERFORMANCE BONUS PROGRAM: This is where huge revenue is currently being created. Facebook has seemingly opened their wallet up to creators who can retain user-engagement and keep Facebook users on platform. Here’s a quick run-down from Facebook’s bonus page.

✅CLICK-THROUGH TRAFFIC: Sending traffic from Facebook to your website allows for many different paths of monetization. Most think of display ads as it’s passive and already setup on most niche websites. But there are other ways to monetize if you direct users to your website such as products + services.

Combining the two strategies can lead to some serious numbers (the following statistics are from Brian Nagele’s Facebook page). 

This page just recently got into the Facebook Performance Bonus Program – but he’s been leveraging both strategies so there’s been increased revenue for sometime.

This website was hit by the HCU updates but Facebook enabled it to keep having meaningful income. 

Goal: Total revenue from Facebook from this page now is averaging $300/day (combing the bonus program + display ads) with a goal of consistent $1,000/days which has been hit recently. 

The below graph shows the website’s income and the effect HCU had and the ramp-up of Facebook income 


Understanding your audience is key here. There’s well over 10 different types of posts you can do to encourage engagement and each has it’s own purpose. 

✅IMAGE POSTS: These are the easiest form of posting (but they are some of the most viral).

✅LINK POSTS: If your goal is to send traffic off-site, then this is what you use.

✅TOBI POSTS: One of the most powerful engagement types of posts. The amount of comments, shares, and overall engagement can be extreme.

This is a perfect example of a image post. It has a brief description and livid image that "stops the scroll". Note that it does not have any CTA for off-page CTR (which is often placed in the comments).
Another image post in the form of a meme and despite it having more rendering (the black space around it) - this post has done exceptionally well which shows that Facebook is still low competition for creators.
This has huge reach (24,000 shares) and is just a simple meme. It seems that memes are tried and true on other platforms such as reddit and perform very well on Facebook as well. I know many pages doing 1 meme everyday for consistent engagement harvesting.
Another image post but in a collage format. Sometimes creators use Facebook's native collage image option whereas others photoshop a singular image into a collage format.
This image post is not a true collage but has been manually edited to appear as one - note the CTA for off-page visitors in the description.
Another image post w/ a collage of images (but it's not a native Facebook collage).
Recipe image posts are interesting because they have aspects of many others posts. The text overlay of memes, a huge description, and the CTA in the comments - and they seem to do well as a hybrid of FB bonus program + CTR to a domain.
This is one of my posts that sends people off page via a CTA in the description. It seems to lessen reach whenever we do CTAs which is why we often defer them until a certain level of reach for the post has been had.

The Facebook Opportunity

I believe Facebook has a content issue right now – there’s limited amount of interesting content for specific niches and they are having a hard time keeping the audiences engaged. This is why, in my opinion, they’ve been pressing into the Facebook Performance Bonus Program more and more. They are rewarding creators to keep their audience on the platform.

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